the baptism in the Holy Spirit

if you were there yesterday you heard my message on the Holy Spirit if not you can take a listen here. something’s wrong with “” servers so i’m not able to get a rss feed for podcasts yet, but hopefully soon. (btw, the audio is about 37 min. & 18MB to download, so broadband required; if that’s not possible for you call pastor abe and he can make you a cd)

ok, so now that you’ve heard it, use the comments link below to share your thoughts with me and “the internet world!” let me know how you interacted with it. not simply the “good job, pastor abe” how did it change you? did it? have you recieved the baptism in the Spirit yet? if you have or haven’t, has it affected the way you witness?

let me know.

and another pic this one from the “way back machine”:

La Super Bakery & Sudoku

anna and i went to La Super Bakery (in case you didn’t get it from the “La” at the begining, it’s a mexican bakery). anyways, it simply amazes me how much our girls love going to that place. i had felt a little detatched from anna this past week and so last night as i tucked her into bed i asked if we could do something special tomorrow “just me and her”. and to my surprise she said, “go to the Super Bakery.”

so this morning we when she woke up she came quietly into my room and said, “it’s time to go.” i had told her she had to be quiet or she’d wake up her sisters and then they’d want to go too. we got some churros, pan de huevo, and some sprinkle cookies. click to read more [+/-]

and in other news, deb and i have been on a big Sudoku kick. she got into it first and then i picked it up too. so we’ll print off a page and then have a race as to who can finish it first. it’s been fun. try it!

and finally i preached yesterday morning and posted the audio “HERE”. it’s about 37 miniutes long or so but tell me what you think or if you were there yesterday. i’d also like to hear more than “good job, pastor abe”, let me know how it affected you, are you changed? or if you were unaffected at all?

welcome to our youth ministry blog

hey welcome to our blog: “” – the online presence of reallife.MINISTRIES of Grandview, Wa.

i (pastor abe) will be posting reallife news from time to time and pics and other points of interest. i’ll also post links to stuff i show at youth or just other cool stuff i see on the net.

fun and faith meet here together.