Our Journey booklet

So my first couple weeks of work here at FamilyLife were immersed in a project creating a booklet. It brought together much of FamilyLife’s history, core beliefs, and future direction into one cohesive document that was then be given to staff.

I have to say it was a learning experience to work in a big office environment with various departments. Working with publishing on a reverse timeline from when we want the thing in hand to when design, proofreading, and draft/final text needed to be completed.

In the end with the help of many people contributing we created the “Our Journey” booklet. It was then given out to FamilyLife’s staff at their Staff Conference. I heard several comments from the staff on how they enjoyed having all the resources in one place and easily accessible.

You can download a PDF copy by clicking the image below. Hopefully you’ll learn something about FamilyLife that you didn’t know.

Lara Family – Staff Photo

If you ever come visit us down here in The Promised Land, uh… I mean, Little Rock. We’ll take you on a tour of FamilyLife’s ministry offices.

One of the coolest things about visiting the offices is the “Our Family” wall. It’s a wall of all the current staff members and their families. They are listed in a chronological order according to tenure with the ministry.

So a couple weeks ago we arrived and scheduled a day for all the ladies to come to work with me to get our picture taken by they photography guy.

After 196 pictures taken, here’s the one we chose to hang on the wall. It’s tough to get everyone to look like they’re smiling and in the right direction.  


Thank you to all of you for your prayers and financial partnership in making it possible for us to be “on the wall”.

We encourage you to come visit us sometime, we have a guest suite waiting for you at our house.