attempting a move to wordpress

i’ll be moving my blog over to wordpress, hopefully all goes well and there will be only limited interruption, if any.but if not just remember to change your bookmarks to go directly to: www.theacousticlife.cominstead of:...

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first grade proverbs

so deb’s been cleaning out our guest bedroom the last couple of days. and she’s nothing if not thorough. so she’s been going through each box, and each page in each box and she brought me a paper she found in one of her college...

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finally home

so it’s been 2 weeks since i’ve written anything here (although i’ve written plenty here). and it’s been over a month since i’ve written anything that was a “thought piece” and not just a “life update”. i’m...

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this place is crazy!

… this place is crazy. it sounds like a war zone. people come from all around to light fireworks since our town hasn’t banned it yet. it’s so crazy we don’t know which way to look. —————————- // today i’m thankful for: 1. our freedom 2. getting to play ultimate frisbee today 3. being a judge at pie baking contest for church today 4. deb tweeted twice today! πŸ™‚ 5. watching my kids awe at watching the fireworks
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we’re all getting fit (updated)

update: added videos with sound from today’s workout session —————————- a few days ago i mentioned that i while watching “ The Biggest Loser ” on Hulu that i was kinda disgusted with the shape (or out of shape) i’m in. so i’ve been very excited about going running with deb consistently. this past monday we started the Couch to 5K running plan. when i first went through this running series i listened to robert ullery’s set of podcasts ( iTS link ), but recently i found this set of tracks that follows the plan but with Christian music tracks. so we’re going to try that out on our next run. well then my sister mentioned yesterday that she had gotten her kids a “ Tae Bo ” for kids video i knew it’d be something my kids would also enjoy. so, the loving/sharing family that we are, i borrowed the dvd, ripped it to my computer with Handbrake , and then transfered it to my ipod, plugged it into the TV and the fun began! the picture in the upper right is the girls flexing their muscles. because according to danielle, she wants to do this exercise every day so that she can be stronger than daddy. it was funny to watch them every 10 minutes flex their arms to see their progress. i think this is going to turn out to be a great summer to get fit and trim. i was just mentioning earlier today that we had no idea what to do today, and now we’re all heading out to the HS stadium to walk around the track. every tuesday & thursday evening they open up the track for the community to walk/run. so here we go. now the other huge part of the equation is to get our eating habits under control. healthy food, smaller portions, no sugar, no late night junk food snacking. we’ll keep you updated. —————————- // today i’m thankful for: 1. summer vacation 2. a healthy family 3. anna got her glasses back, FINALLY! 4. great summer weather (high 80º’s to low 90ºs all week) the babies are sleeping for longer periods at night grrrr. just realized there’s no sound on the video because i forgot to change a setting on my computer before recording. perhaps i’ll repost the video w/sound tomorrow when the do it again.
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free lunches through the summer

during the summer our local school district provides free lunches to children under 18 at various schools. i think they do this because they feel that there are a lot of kids left alone during the summer months while their parents are working. our schools have a pretty high percentage of students that already qualify for free or reduced lunch. anyways, our girls love going. it’s not like they eat a lot. julia just kinda pecks at her food after being reminded to eat every couple minutes. but they like getting out of the house and going somewhere. and especially before the older girls went to school they liked feeling like “non-homeschool” kids by eating lunch on styrofoam trays in a gym cafeteria. plus during the summer when everyone’s home it makes it easy for us to feed the older sisters. there’s two schools that are the same distance from our home that we could go to. the main HS is really nice, has hard plastic trays, and the AC is on because there’s also summer school classes going on. but there’s also older HS age kids eating because they’re in summer school classes. the second school is the “alternative” HS. it’s the school that people go to when they drop out of the regular HS and then decide that they do want to graduate. (either that or they’re expelled from the regular HS and are sent to this school) anyways, it’s kinda ghetto. here’s a pic of the gym ceiling: but the reason the girls like this one so much is because there are no summer school classes and so it’s mostly all elementary age kids that eat there. and also i think it’s because it’s the first school we went to when we first heard about this “free lunch” program so in their minds it’s the “right place” to go. so that’s a daily part of our routine everyday during the summer (at least until the end of july when the the program ends). the only thing is that they only serve lunch from 12-12.30 and sometime it’s a challenge to get everyone’s shoes on, hair done, etc. because even though it’s a regular part of our routine we always seem to forget about it until noon and then we’re rushing to get there on time before they start putting everything away. if you’re in the area join us for lunch. πŸ™‚ —————————- // today i’m thankful for: 1. the lawn got mowed today 2. my monthly haircut today 3. the way the keyboard lights up in dim lighting on my MBP 4. running with my wife/friend this morning 5. pictures of my kids
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