Missionaries with FamilyLife

We are so excited to share with you our passion for marriages and families and how that has led us to join the staff of FamilyLife in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Prior to joining the staff of FamilyLife we were on staff as youth pastors for 9 years. It was there that we saw first-hand the effects that stress in the home can have on today’s young generation. We ministered to kids who came from single parent homes, divorced homes, and teens with a parent in prison. We could see how God was working in these young people’s lives for the hour or so per week when they attended the youth ministry. But we also knew the chaos that was waiting for them the rest of the week when they returned home. We began to feel like the most lasting change could only happen when the whole family was wholeheartedly following Christ.

Then in 2008, Deborah and I attended a FamilyLife marriage getaway. It was there that we heard about FamilyLife’s mission “to effectively develop godly marriages and families who change the world one home at a time.” And we heard about all the different ways they were reaching out to fulfill their vision that “every home [be] a godly home.” We were hooked. This seemed to be exactly where God was leading us to make a larger impact. 

That evening we shared with our Pastor the possibility of joining the ministry. And he confirmed what we had been feeling but couldn’t express.

“Abraham and Deborah, I think that this would be a perfect match for you as a couple. I can see how your skills, experience and passion intersect with the vision and mission of FamilyLife.” – Pastor Jon Babcock

And thus began the adventure. We joined the staff of FamilyLife and relocated to Little Rock, where their headquarters are located, in May of 2012. 

We’re excited about what God is doing through the ministry of FamilyLife. And we’re especially excited to see how God molds, shapes, and equips us to use our abilities to help build stronger marriages and families, one home at a time. The mission of FamilyLife is “to effectively develop godly marriages and families who change the world one home at a time.” And our vision is to see “every home be a godly home.” Our ministry continues to have an unwavering commitment to sharing God’s blueprints for marriage and family from a biblical perspective. Because we believe that the family is the most untapped resource for the spread of the gospel.

Yet, the world and our culture is vastly different today than it was when FamilyLife first began. The very definition of marriage between one man and one woman for life is not commonly agreed upon any more. Families are busier than ever. Our phones allow us to have a face to face video calls from across the globe. Yet, in our own homes we are more isolated from one another because of them.

Our calling to join FamilyLife has always been about transforming the next generation. Because we believe that the family is the most untapped resource for the spread of the gospel! There is a generation of couples, teenagers, and kids who are separated from Christ’s love. We’re excited to partner with Jesus who is able to rescue those lost kids, restore any troubled marriage, and redeem every broken family! We invite you to join with us in this fight for families.

From generation to generation,


Abraham & Deborah Lara


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