Current Needs

Current Needs

We’ve created this page to share with our ministry partners, loved ones, and anyone whom God may impress upon what our families current needs are above and beyond what our current monthly budget affords.  Giving details are contained below the needs. (this page will be updated as needs are met, or new needs arise)

For more behind the heart and motivation of this page see this blog post.  

Thank you in advance for your faithfulness and obedience to Him.  

Immediate Needs

Increased Monthly Support • $2400

  • 2 new supporters x $250/mo
  • 10 new supporters x $100/mo
  • 13 new supporters x $50/mo
  • 10 new supporters x $25/mo

We are currently receiving ~$800 less  EVERY MONTH than our monthly expenses are to meet our budget. $2400 monthly would bring us back up to “fully funded” status. If we were “fully funded” many of the items below would not be an issue for us to include in our budget.

Secondary Needs

Chiropractor visits for Abraham & Deborah • $60/visit (# of visits unknown)

When standing for prolonged periods of time, Abraham’s left leg will experience tingling and numbness. Also there times when he will have a misstep and pinch a nerve in his lower back and cause him to have sharp severe pain.


(in no particular order) 

Piano Tuning • $85

Deborah loves to make melodies in our home, and her piano is in need of a tuning. 

New Running Shoes for Abraham • $80

Current shoes are functional, but the soles have begun to deteriorate. 

Portable 500gb hard drive  • $65

Hard drive would be used to back up Abraham’s work computer. 

New Wall Lamps • $100

the lamps in our master bedroom are functional, but not exactly what Deb would like and one of them is close to falling apart. 

New Ceiling Fans • $65 each

each of the girl’s bedrooms could use a new ceiling fan.

Burr Coffee Grinder • $40-90

What can we say, enjoy good coffee. And that begins with the grind of the beans. 

Year Long Lawn Service • $290

Neither Deborah nor I have an especially green thumb. 

Tree Removal • $1200

There are two large pines in our back yard that need removal. 

15yr Anniversary Cruise • $2000

A little something special for Deb and I’s upcoming 15 year anniversary on Jan 2nd, 2014

All Inclusive Family Vacation trip to Disney • $4000

This one lands squarely in the “wants” and not a “need” column. But our kids have never been and we would love for them to experience that while they’re still young.

Juicer • $100

Soda Stream • $80

Giving Details

To make a tax deductible donation visit Cru’s giving site. (please include a “note” with your gift so that we will know which of the needs below you are contributing to, or simply email us to let us know of your intentions)  Or if you’d prefer to send a check or call, details can be found on our Giving Info page.


If you choose, you can make non-tax deductible gift towards our family. This will have the most direct impact towards our needs as no overhead is taken out of the gift. To do this, please send a check or money order made out directly to Abraham or Deborah Lara and send it to: 

32 Old Forge Ct. 

Little Rock, AR 72227

  • As missionaries, US tax law allows us to receive cash gifts from non-family members up to $800/yr for Deborah and I each, and up to $400/yr per child. This is a total of $4,000 for our family we may receive per person per year.