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Just Dance Challenge – Wednesday Twins Day

It’s another Wednesday Twins Day. This week our girls do the Just Dance Challenge. Rachel made up the game, and their’s a super gross milkshake the loser has to drink. Be sure to be watching for the behind the scenes video later.Then this Behind the Scenes...

Welcome to the PartyOf8!

You found us, welcome to the PartyOf8. So who are we? We’re a family that loves God, loves people, and loves having fun together.Subscribe to our channel on YouTube.
We’re coming to Washington!

We’re coming to Washington!

Deb and I (and the whole family) will be coming to Washington between April 30th and May 22nd. We want to watch the movie with you, hear your reactions, give a personal update on our ministry, and invite more people to join in on what God is doing. We’ll be at Regal...

Is there really hope for every marriage?

Sometimes at FamilyLife we receive requests for help and in our flesh  we’ll wonder, “Is there really hope for this marriage?” Consider one wife who contacted FamilyLife with this email:”I am unsure if you can help with this question but my husband and I...