what motivates us

in this video Dennis Rainey shares his favorite letter that he’s received concerning a Weekend to Remember Conference experience. visit FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember site to find conference dates and locations in your area.  and if you’re interested in attending send us an email at feedback@theacousticlife.com to find out how you can receive a discount off registration, or …

it is worth fighting for

“if He raised Jesus from the dead, don’t you think he is powerful enough to bring new life back into your marriage?” those words, from the story of a couple we met this past summer when visiting the campus of FamilyLife, have been ringing in my head since then as I see and hear about …

weddings ROCK

in our recent podcast we stated that divorce sucks, on the other end of the spectrum; weddings ROCK! i came across the video below via @youcanknowgod on twitter (great twitter name btw).

i love the fact that this couple took the time to be so fun, creative and original to begin their wedding. but more importantly to begin their marriage. my prayer for them is that they would continue to put that much time, effort, creativity and fun in their marriage in the days, months, and years to come.

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