introducing the bPhone

now you may think that the new iPhone 3G is the greatest thing since the invention of little mustard and ketchup packets, but i tell you it has nothing on the bPhone. that’s b as in banana phone. if you ever had a young toddler and a fruit bowl together in the same house then chances are you’ve used the bPhone. although it’s been around since the dawn of time it’s still a popular favorite with the 3ft and under crowd and those still developing their words. sure it may not double as an internet browser or email machine, but then again when was the last time you paid $200+ for a banana? no, these ingenious gadgets of communication can be picked up in a bundle pack of 6 for less than $3 bucks at most participating retailers. and you also can’t play music or watch videos, but you can watch the bPhone itself blend in the blender to make your favorite smoothie, or milkshake. the reception is also crystal clear. (as long as you’re calling someone else also using a bPhone and they are within 5ft range of you physically) to show you just how much fun you could have with your toddler and his/her new bPhone, i’ve included a short video of me and rachel using our own bPhones out in the real world.

…PS. please be aware that even though you’re particular model should have a similar size and shape as the ones shown in the video, yours may vary slightly. also be aware that there is only a limited warranty on the bPhone, usually only 36 hours.

we’re all getting fit (updated)

update: added videos with sound from today’s workout session —————————- a few days ago i mentioned that i while watching “ The Biggest Loser ” on Hulu that i was kinda disgusted with the shape (or out of shape) i’m in. so i’ve been very excited about going running with deb consistently. this past monday we started the Couch to 5K running plan. when i first went through this running series i listened to robert ullery’s set of podcasts ( iTS link ), but recently i found this set of tracks that follows the plan but with Christian music tracks. so we’re going to try that out on our next run. well then my sister mentioned yesterday that she had gotten her kids a “ Tae Bo ” for kids video i knew it’d be something my kids would also enjoy. so, the loving/sharing family that we are, i borrowed the dvd, ripped it to my computer with Handbrake , and then transfered it to my ipod, plugged it into the TV and the fun began! the picture in the upper right is the girls flexing their muscles. because according to danielle, she wants to do this exercise every day so that she can be stronger than daddy. it was funny to watch them every 10 minutes flex their arms to see their progress. i think this is going to turn out to be a great summer to get fit and trim. i was just mentioning earlier today that we had no idea what to do today, and now we’re all heading out to the HS stadium to walk around the track. every tuesday & thursday evening they open up the track for the community to walk/run. so here we go. now the other huge part of the equation is to get our eating habits under control. healthy food, smaller portions, no sugar, no late night junk food snacking. we’ll keep you updated. —————————- // today i’m thankful for: 1. summer vacation 2. a healthy family 3. anna got her glasses back, FINALLY! 4. great summer weather (high 80º’s to low 90ºs all week) the babies are sleeping for longer periods at night grrrr. just realized there’s no sound on the video because i forgot to change a setting on my computer before recording. perhaps i’ll repost the video w/sound tomorrow when the do it again.