they are us now

from left to right (click to enlarge): Jeremiah, Aaliyah, Jorge, Maggie, Mario, Cathy, Nyelie, Isaac, Jorge Introducing… (insert drumroll) The new Najeras!!! Yesterday my sister and brother-in-law have now become the proud parents of 7 kids. Yes, SEVEN!! Three of the kids pictured above are now officially in the process of being adopted by Jorge …

Raising Royalty

As a mother or a father, do you ever feel like you’re floundering with the responsibility of raising your children? Do you have a clear strategy regarding how you will ensure that your kids turn out to be decent adults? Many times I feel lost, like the best I can do is keep these kids …

for parents only: unsolicited advice

what do you do when some concerned individual offers unsolicited advice about how you should handle your children? whether it is a relative or a bothered customer at the grocery store, do you run home and implement their suggestions right away? do you start yelling, “you have no idea what i deal with on a …

big drink

(true story this past week when returning home from VBS)


julia (5yr): dad, can I have a drink of water when we get home?

dad: maybe a little drink but not a big one because it’s almost bed time and we don’t want you to have an accident.

julia: but dad, at night I pray to Jesus and he wakes me up to go to the bathroom in the morning.

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