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there’s all kinds of names for it, but there’s no way around it. this world runs on money. so it’s no surprise that in marriage, it’s a HUGE topic. and sometimes, shall we say, “heated discussions” ensue. there’s lots of different ways i could discuss the issue of money in marriage, but i’ll focus on …

we’re moving! (updated)

update:  added contact info for sending in financial support – – – – – – – – i’m pleased to announced that i’ve added deborah as an author to this blog. and as her first post we like to share something she wrote this past week to some facebook friends. enjoy: 25 things that’ll blow …

more money talk

i’m making my wife nervous with all of this money talk (specifically our money), but i love the dialogue and the chance to think through the issues. but for her case i’ll try to keep this brief.

read this first if you’re a little lost.

thanks to all who responded, i’m not offended by it. i don’t mind the questioning. be afraid of people who are.

as to the issue of “if you could live with out the help you’re getting now, then why don’t you? isn’t that stealing?”

first, i didn’t make it clear in my last post, but we could still live within our means if either we didn’t receive free housing from the church or we didn’t receive government assistance. but not if both were suddenly gone.

secondly, i don’t consider it stealing, since according to the government we still qualify for the aid. now if we were under-reporting our income sources just so that we could continue receiving benefits, then that would be wrong (and i’m sure there are people who do that). but for whatever reasons our government deems it well within reason for us to receive the aid we’re being given. if you have a problem with the guidelines/limits that they put forth, i suggest you take it up with your state legislators.

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not proud in numbers

the budget.png

i recently wrote on twitter about having figured out how much money we’re putting towards our debt – a whopping 45% of our net income. and then an additional 13% of our net income goes towards tithes and charity work. so essentially we’re living on only 42% of our net income.

a couple days later i got this message via twitter from our friend sarah johnson:

shocked that @abelara hasn’t replied to @lauraanna’s twitters. abe, your slipping. 😉

so what exactly did @lauraanna say?:

@abelara That’s great you’ll be debt free!

@abelara Although I don’t think it’s right to be proud of living on less when you don’t pay your own housing, food, medical expenses.

@abelara just a thought …

so then i replied to @sarahsdandelion:

@sarahsdandelion they musta slipped past me. i hadn’t seen/read them until you mentioned it. thanks for the heads up. 🙂

so now that i’ve given you a recap for those who don’t currently use twitter, (go ahead and sign up, i know you wanna.) or for those of you who use twitter but don’t follow either @sarahsdandelion or @lauraanna i’ll now commence with my reply to the thought about my pride and income.

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i’m a criminal

a couple of weeks ago i listened to a sermon series via podcast by Andy Stanley called “It Came From Within“. it’s a great series overall, but one thing really grabbed me. in the first message of the series he mentions (about 17min into it) a survey in which people were asked, “if you could get away with any crime without any consequences, what would you do and would you do it?”

i’ve actually asked myself this question several times. actually a slight variation, “if i wasn’t a Christian, what kind of person would i be?”

came from within.jpg

my answer is always “a thief”.

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