it is worth fighting for

“if He raised Jesus from the dead, don’t you think he is powerful enough to bring new life back into your marriage?” those words, from the story of a couple we met this past summer when visiting the campus of FamilyLife, have been ringing in my head since then as I see and hear about …


there’s a little thing called twitter, have you heard of it? and on twitter there’s a way to get an ongoing trend from one person or multiple people at the same time/event/place. it’s called a hashtag.

a hashtag is a word, phrase, or just letters preceded by the number sign. such as: #olympics, #superbowl, #election, #christmaslist, etc.

anyone can create these hashtags either for personal use or for use by anyone that knows about it. the other day i started one such hashtag for the days leading up to Valentine’s day (but i plan on continuing it past v-day).


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i love you in russian

anyone who’s married knows that it takes a lot of work to make it a successful, happy, thriving relationship. our natural tendency is towards selfishness, not towards serving.

there’s been excellent books written on the “love languages”; words, touch, service, gifts, & time. and regardless of whether ‘service’ makes it into your top one or two love languages, there’s no denying that it will be a part of your relationship at some time or another.

no matter what your top language is or what your partner’s top language is; you must intentionally “serve” that other person by speaking their language to them instead of your top language.

so to that end i’ve developed a method for me to combat my selfishness.

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Emmanuel and Jessika Perez

yesterday (saturday 8.16.08) i had the privilege of participating in the beautiful wedding of Jessika Babcock and Emmanuel Perez. (aren’t they a cute couple!)

this was the second wedding that i’ve had a part in conducting – the first was my sister’s last year. hmm, two consecutive years of weddings in august. whose will i be a part of next year?? hint, hint @rhondaberghoff 😉

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princesses and pornography

i was confronted with something today that i can’t imagine my regular readers have ever had to deal with. i never even imagined myself writing on the topic.i sat down to write a new entry today and decided to first go online and see if there might already be blogs on princess living. i innocently …