they are us now

from left to right (click to enlarge): Jeremiah, Aaliyah, Jorge, Maggie, Mario, Cathy, Nyelie, Isaac, Jorge Introducing… (insert drumroll) The new Najeras!!! Yesterday my sister and brother-in-law have now become the proud parents of 7 kids. Yes, SEVEN!! Three of the kids pictured above are now officially in the process of being adopted by Jorge …

yep, God still rocks

so i talked with my MPD* coach this afternoon and told him that i felt like we were getting to a spot where the “honeymoon” phase of fundraising was coming to a close.right after New Staff Training we were all fired up, excited to make appointments, and confident with the tools that we’d be given. …

belly button

ok, so i just got these pictures from deb a few minutes ago and had to write this quick blog post about it. the first email simply had the picture below with this subject line: Naomi’s belly button disappeared

no belly button.jpg and then 5 minutes later i got another email with this picture and the subject line: Then it came back it also had the text:

I tried to wipe off the dirty line left behind, then it just twisted back into a knot with the dirt still inside.

family picture day

this past tuesday I took the day off to spend a day with the family. we decided to take family pictures. our last set of family pics we did when deb was still pregnant with the twins, so we decided it was about time we welcomed them to our family portraits. also the last time we took pics they were more dressed up and looked like they were from a studio (actually it was just a bed sheet hung up in our living room). so this time we decided to go more casual. we all wore hoodies and headed for a local park. deb’s mom told her about an orchard near her home that had some pretty fall leaves still on them. when we drove by we thought it was the perfect place. so we just pulled over, set up the tripod and clicked away. here’s one of the pics I took on my iPhone. below you’ll find a link to more pics from our 300+ photoshoot. flickr set iWeb set

This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship

so if you follow me on Twitter then you already know Deb and I’s big news… we got our iPhones today!!! so how did these turn of events happen? we were already planning on getting them this tuesday, but circumstances changed when (through my constant talking about it) our pastor decided it was time for …

one week

it’s amazing the difference a week can make. i’ve been at my new job at efcom for a little over a week now.

so what’s so different. for one, i actually like going to work now. and if some one asked i’d even say i love my job now. for those who don’t know, efcom is an Apple Reseller and Service company in yakima. and if you’ve known me very long you know that i like computers. but not just any computers, Apple computers. so to get to come to work and help others with their computer issues or helping them make up their mind about which mac to buy is just awesome. i’ve been doing that for years already and now i get paid to do it.

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Emmanuel and Jessika Perez

yesterday (saturday 8.16.08) i had the privilege of participating in the beautiful wedding of Jessika Babcock and Emmanuel Perez. (aren’t they a cute couple!)

this was the second wedding that i’ve had a part in conducting – the first was my sister’s last year. hmm, two consecutive years of weddings in august. whose will i be a part of next year?? hint, hint @rhondaberghoff đŸ˜‰

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