get rid of the chair?

i got this email from deb yesterday afternoon, my response is below: at what point do we dispose of the chair? Rachel thoroughly peed on it just now. grrr my response: we could go really “mess-ican”* and just put thick plastic all over our furniture like this! fyi: one of my relatives had plastic on …

big drink

(true story this past week when returning home from VBS)


julia (5yr): dad, can I have a drink of water when we get home?

dad: maybe a little drink but not a big one because it’s almost bed time and we don’t want you to have an accident.

julia: but dad, at night I pray to Jesus and he wakes me up to go to the bathroom in the morning.

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I came home the other day to find out about this note:

… Julia, I colored your face with dots. anna.

… Julia, I’m sorry will you forgive me. anna. circle your answer: [yes] [no] – – – – – – – – – by the time i came home, the dots on Julia’s face were mostly faded. and it doesn’t say it in the note, but Anna peppered Julia’s face with dots via a marker while Julia was napping. thus the reason for the forgiveness note to begin with.

one week

it’s amazing the difference a week can make. i’ve been at my new job at efcom for a little over a week now.

so what’s so different. for one, i actually like going to work now. and if some one asked i’d even say i love my job now. for those who don’t know, efcom is an Apple Reseller and Service company in yakima. and if you’ve known me very long you know that i like computers. but not just any computers, Apple computers. so to get to come to work and help others with their computer issues or helping them make up their mind about which mac to buy is just awesome. i’ve been doing that for years already and now i get paid to do it.

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dog pile!

so recently our girls have really become into “dog piling” on mom or dad or whoever will let themselves be on the bottom.

i love it. let me rephrase that. i love it when i’m ready to play. there are times that i’m reading, writing, or just napping on the couch and they come running and i am most certainly not ready in those cases. but when i am ready – bring it!

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