they are us now

from left to right (click to enlarge): Jeremiah, Aaliyah, Jorge, Maggie, Mario, Cathy, Nyelie, Isaac, Jorge Introducing… (insert drumroll) The new Najeras!!! Yesterday my sister and brother-in-law have now become the proud parents of 7 kids. Yes, SEVEN!! Three of the kids pictured above are now officially in the process of being adopted by Jorge […]

Christmas Cards

i love creating opportunities to have our girls help us in this MPD* journey. a little later than we’d like, but we’re finally getting our Christmas cards out today.  here’s a video of the girls helping us stuff envelopes this morning. – – – – – – – – – –*MPD = Ministry Partner Development […]

the balloooooonnsss

it’s become somewhat tradition to bundle up all the kiddos and see the Balloons launch every year.  these pics were taken this morning. deb asked me what part i like best when they’re laying them all out, inflating them, when they’re rising, or when they’ve lifted off? my answer, “just watching the kid’s excitement.”  i […]