blonde jokes

ok, it’s time for some blonde jokes. 🙂 we all know some, and have probably repeated them ourselves. to any of you blondes out there who may take offense to these jokes, just insert some other hair color into the appropriate places.

let me explain what brought on this urge to laugh at some blonde jokes. sometimes when fixing other people’s computers at work before we send them out the door we will open various applications, files, play movies/audio just to verify that all is working as it should. (it’s kinda embarrassing to get a machine back because we fixed one problem but created another one)

anyhow in this process i’ve found lots of funny videos that people have downloaded from the internet. here’s one that i found (and then looked up on youtube) recently that made me chuckle.

and now here’s one of my favorite blonde jokes. i don’t even remember where i heard it first.

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