moolah, benjamins, loot, dough, greenbacks

there’s all kinds of names for it, but there’s no way around it. this world runs on money. so it’s no surprise that in marriage, it’s a HUGE topic. and sometimes, shall we say, “heated discussions” ensue. there’s lots of different ways i could discuss the issue of money in marriage, but i’ll focus on …

online giving

some are probably saying “it’s about time”, but i’ve finally put an official online giving link on our blog for your convenience to partner with us in our journey to staff with FamilyLife. we’ve been so blessed the past few weeks as we’ve shared with people what God is doing in our lives, in the …

the nintendo standard

almost every american has childhood memories of what Christmas was like growing up. for me those memories include trips to california, singing around the piano, lots of family, and the nintendo.

that’s right. “the nintendo”.

that was the most memorable gift my sisters and i ever got for Christmas. i don’t know what your “nintendo” was, maybe a bike, a cabbage patch doll, a He-Man Master of the Universe action figure, an ipod, or maybe a puppy. whatever it was, it was what lit up your eyes. that thing that you made promises to your parents, Santa, or God to in order to get. you saw it a catalog or online or maybe your friend had one. or then there’s those incessant saturday morning commercials in between the cartoons.

for me and my sister’s it was the original Nintendo Entertainment System.

nes controler.png

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