weddings ROCK

in our recent podcast we stated that divorce sucks, on the other end of the spectrum; weddings ROCK! i came across the video below via @youcanknowgod on twitter (great twitter name btw).

i love the fact that this couple took the time to be so fun, creative and original to begin their wedding. but more importantly to begin their marriage. my prayer for them is that they would continue to put that much time, effort, creativity and fun in their marriage in the days, months, and years to come.

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we’re moving! (updated)

update:  added contact info for sending in financial support – – – – – – – – i’m pleased to announced that i’ve added deborah as an author to this blog. and as her first post we like to share something she wrote this past week to some facebook friends. enjoy: 25 things that’ll blow …

Little Rock pt. 2

my previous post concerning our recent trip to Little Rock described what happened, a sorta timeline of actual events. this post will instead concentrate on my (abe) mental, emotional, and spiritual journey leading up to and while there.


[in case you’re wondering what FamilyLife’s decision is about us joining staff: sorry, we can’t tell you yet via this blog or anything else public on the inter-webs until July 1st. if you really wanna know call, text, or email me, or actually come over and visit in person, what a concept.]

our story with the Ministry of FamilyLife begins as far as I can remember in 1999. deb and I had only been married for a couple months when we were given a scholarship to attend a Weekend to Remember conference in Bellevue, WA. i was finishing up my senior year of college and deb still had another year till she finished up her AA. we were both working at a daycare not too far from the college and i wasn’t really sure what i wanted to do with our lives after i graduated. i had gone to school and gotten a BA in Biblical Literature. i knew that i was called to do full time ministry, but what i wasn’t sure of was where, how, or what?

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Little Rock pt. 1

faithful readers/followers will know that over the course of the last year Deborah and I have been on a journey seeking God’s will about the possibility of joining the staff of FamilyLife in Little Rock, AR. if you’re a new reader (or listener of the podcast), you can read about the ministry of FamilyLife and …

on the verge of something great

we’ll we’re just about to head out on our trip to Akansas, so i thought this would be the prefect time to update my blog and web hosting. actually the real reason i did it was so that i could get with a webhost that offered unlimited space and bandwidth. last week deb and i …

more on FamilyLife Today

in my recent post about “the Waiting” season of life our family is in I discussed our application to FamilyLife Today to work on staff. in the comments a reader asked what I would do there. I was simply going to respond in the comments but then it got to be longer than i would …