they are us now

from left to right (click to enlarge): Jeremiah, Aaliyah, Jorge, Maggie, Mario, Cathy, Nyelie, Isaac, Jorge Introducing… (insert drumroll) The new Najeras!!! Yesterday my sister and brother-in-law have now become the proud parents of 7 kids. Yes, SEVEN!! Three of the kids pictured above are now officially in the process of being adopted by Jorge […]


a little site maintenance… i wanna apologize to any of you that have recently tried to contact us using the contact link at the top of the page. i just realized that the plugin that i use to manage this changed the default email address to “” the last time the plugin was updated. so […]

falling in love in MPD

abe: “i think i’m falling in love with you again.” deb: “oh, really? what do you mean?” abe: “i think it has to do with all the time we’re being forced to spend with each other through this process. and even though the time we’re spending together is spent doing the SAME thing over and […]