levels of the future

“so what does the future hold?”

depending on the context or the company you’re in this question could have a vastly different answer. in one scenario you would give visions of flying cars and other inventions that could come out of a scene from the Jetsons.

and then in another setting you would give your predictions on the outcome of the presidential election, or of a sporting event, or the season finale of a TV show.

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i’m a criminal

a couple of weeks ago i listened to a sermon series via podcast by Andy Stanley called “It Came From Within“. it’s a great series overall, but one thing really grabbed me. in the first message of the series he mentions (about 17min into it) a survey in which people were asked, “if you could get away with any crime without any consequences, what would you do and would you do it?”

i’ve actually asked myself this question several times. actually a slight variation, “if i wasn’t a Christian, what kind of person would i be?”

came from within.jpg

my answer is always “a thief”.

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more on FamilyLife Today

in my recent post about “the Waiting” season of life our family is in I discussed our application to FamilyLife Today to work on staff. in the comments a reader asked what I would do there. I was simply going to respond in the comments but then it got to be longer than i would …

princesses and pornography

i was confronted with something today that i can’t imagine my regular readers have ever had to deal with. i never even imagined myself writing on the topic.i sat down to write a new entry today and decided to first go online and see if there might already be blogs on princess living. i innocently …

welcome to our youth ministry blog

hey welcome to our blog: “www.reallifegrandview.blogspot.com” – the online presence of reallife.MINISTRIES of Grandview, Wa. i (pastor abe) will be posting reallife news from time to time and pics and other points of interest. i’ll also post links to stuff i show at youth or just other cool stuff i see on the net. fun …