Little Rock pt. 2

my previous post concerning our recent trip to Little Rock described what happened, a sorta timeline of actual events. this post will instead concentrate on my (abe) mental, emotional, and spiritual journey leading up to and while there.


[in case you’re wondering what FamilyLife’s decision is about us joining staff: sorry, we can’t tell you yet via this blog or anything else public on the inter-webs until July 1st. if you really wanna know call, text, or email me, or actually come over and visit in person, what a concept.]

our story with the Ministry of FamilyLife begins as far as I can remember in 1999. deb and I had only been married for a couple months when we were given a scholarship to attend a Weekend to Remember conference in Bellevue, WA. i was finishing up my senior year of college and deb still had another year till she finished up her AA. we were both working at a daycare not too far from the college and i wasn’t really sure what i wanted to do with our lives after i graduated. i had gone to school and gotten a BA in Biblical Literature. i knew that i was called to do full time ministry, but what i wasn’t sure of was where, how, or what?

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I came home the other day to find out about this note:

… Julia, I colored your face with dots. anna.

… Julia, I’m sorry will you forgive me. anna. circle your answer: [yes] [no] – – – – – – – – – by the time i came home, the dots on Julia’s face were mostly faded. and it doesn’t say it in the note, but Anna peppered Julia’s face with dots via a marker while Julia was napping. thus the reason for the forgiveness note to begin with.

Little Rock pt. 1

faithful readers/followers will know that over the course of the last year Deborah and I have been on a journey seeking God’s will about the possibility of joining the staff of FamilyLife in Little Rock, AR. if you’re a new reader (or listener of the podcast), you can read about the ministry of FamilyLife and …

a couple of videos

ever since the 36hr video contest our church held a couple of weeks ago i’ve gotten back in to making videos with iMovie. that and the fact that we also got a Flip Mino HD. anyways, here’s a couple of the videos we’ve shot and edited recently. 36hr video contest entry: the twins being cute …

fasting and cravings

if you fast twitter or facebook and you get cravings to get online and just check is it called an “appetite being starved” or an “addiction going through withdrawals”?

a couple weeks ago i fasted Twitter/Facebook for a week and i was surprised to find out that the mental/emotional feelings were the same for me compared to times that i had fasted food.

there’s many people who may have tried to fast for a day. and many of them have given up half way through the day or a couple hours before the 24hrs are over. and because they don’t feel successful at this attempt at fasting, they give up on the idea of fasting altogether. (just in case any of you start thinking that i’m boasting that i’m all “holier-than-thou”; i’ve been one of those “give-up-before-the-day’s-over” people many times; even though i know what i’m about to tell you.)

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have you ever done something, seen something, heard something, gone somewhere, met someone, etcetera and felt “man, why didn’t someone tell me about this before?! i should have done this years ago.”

no, this post isn’t going to expound on the feelings of switching between a PC and a Mac. although, that is the case most people feel when they finally do make the switch.

instead this is to describe a spiritual discipline that i recently had explained to me in the last couple months; it’s called the lifejournal.


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i woke up earlier today

this morning I got up out of bed before my alarm clock went to off. so I had a decision to make.

should I spend this extra half hour doing my devotionals (Bible reading, journaling, meditating)? or should I use this time to help my wife and clean the living room before her day starts?

my preference is to wake up early (before anyone else) to have my devotional time uninterrupted and in silence. this doesn’t always happen though. either I’ll wake up late or a kid or two will wake up and require attention. (for now I’ve totally given up on exercising for this very reason. I’d have to wake up an hour earlier than I did today. not gonna happen.)

this morning was one of those quiet mornings.

but i also knew that the kids had made a mess of the house last night and we were too tired (and interested in watchings Lost) to clean it up before going to bed. and it would be a huge plus for my wife to start out the day with a clean living room.

which one would be the wisest use of my time? which one would be most honoring to God? most honoring to my wife? and if we put it in those terms who should win when it’s time with my wife vs. time with God?

chime in. i’d love to know what you think AND your reasoning behind your thinking. it’d also be interesting to find out what you think i did. so #1) what do you think the right choice is, #2) what choice you think i made.