yep, God still rocks

so i talked with my MPD* coach this afternoon and told him that i felt like we were getting to a spot where the “honeymoon” phase of fundraising was coming to a close.right after New Staff Training we were all fired up, excited to make appointments, and confident with the tools that we’d be given. […]

best laid plans

we had a fabulous time at New Staff Training last week in Orlando. we covered some really valuable information and got to know a little better what we are actually getting our selves into. but what i enjoyed the most from our week away was all of the incredible people we met.  not only did […]

the called

as i sit and look at the picture above of our fellow New Staff Training attendees, my eyes are welling up with tears. these people are heroes to me. only 14 others in the picture above will eventually be joining deborah and i on the staff of FamilyLife in Little Rock, AR.  the others are all […]

a fresh start

And yet it seems not matter how much encouragement and incentive He gives them to make good choices they have a propensity to fall back into rebellion and immorality. … I feel that no matter how hard I try to steer this ship, this home, in one direction it is constantly fighting to go the other way. … 18:30-31) In the same way, I need to offer my kids a fresh start and a new beginning.