i filled in the little boxes on my ballot last night. (i guess i haven’t officially voted until i mail it in or drop it off at my “drop-off location”) i should preface this blog post (and now that i think of it all of my political posts) by saying, “the views represented here are the sole views of the author, they are not the official views of Grandview Assembly of God, Efcom, or any past or future employer that Abraham may have.” anyways, i tweeted this past weekend via TwitVote that i was voting for McCain/Palin . i was then replied to by someone who was voting for Obama/Biden for my reasons why . what i thought was interesting was the way she phrased the question. was i voting for McCain, or against Obama?

…i’m not now, but i hope to be rich someday) consistently has voted for expanding abortion (including the despicable partial birth abortion practice) supports gay marriage and adoption has charisma, but that hasn’t translated into a feeling of being prepared for the job – – – – – – – – – – i think to sum it up, Obama looks like he could play the part of the president in a movie or tv show. McCain looks like he could actually be the president. go ahead sound off in the comments, tomorrow will be fun to watch the results late into the night. whatever your political leanings, go out and vote and be just as concerned on Nov. 5th as you are on or before Nov. 4th. lastly if you’re a Christ-follower, take some time this evening, whether at home, at your church, small-group, or elsewhere to pray for our country and the election before us.

election thoughts 2008

the DNC (democratic national convention) has finished in denver, with the RNC (republican national convention) taking place this week in minneapolis-st. paul.

last weekend Obama picked senator Joe Biden of Delaware as his vice presidential running mate; and last friday McCain announced governor Sarah Palin of Alaska has his VP running mate.

i always find US presidential elections to be interesting. although, this is the first year that i’ve actually taken interest in the politics of candidates.

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voting for the ways things “ought” to be

well to my “random reader” (who lives or works near seattle/tukwila, wa, uses a mac. and gets their internet connection via qwest. i could put your ip address that you use to visit, but that would be irresponsible of me) thanks for reading. i’m always glad to hear i have more readers. i’m somewhat disappointed that you didn’t identify yourself by name. i don’t mind engaging in conversation with views differing from my own. but i’d at least like to know whom i’m conversing with. okay, so enough with the introductory banter. on to the comment and response. i’m sure my previous post that gives more details on our current financial situaion on “ kids don’t cost too much ” only seems to reinforce the point that the “random reader” was making. but the fact is that primarily i vote according to “moral” issues more than financial ones. so my views align more closely with the republican party in general on issues like Life, Marriage, Stem Cell research. so thus both Clinton and Obama being “pro-choice” (or “anti-life” depending on your view point) wouldn’t ever get my vote because i’m against most situations of abortion. if i women wants the “right to choose” there are other options like adoption or “duh, choosing not to have sex!” obviously i know there are cases of rape and/or incest where it wasn’t the woman’s choice to get pregnant, but i said above “most situations” and adoption is still an option. and the other issues above i also have strong feelings about but you as well as any other reader can use google well enough to find the differences between the various candidates on the issues . but i don’t just disregard the economic issues. on those issues as well, my views hold more closely to the conservative end of the spectrum than not. i don’t believe there should be a national health care system. i support viewpoints the encourage more personal responsibility rather than discourage it by always looking to the government to provide everything. even things like food stamps (which we do receive) i don’t think people should demand or feel it’s a handout that they “deserve”. in fact if any of that aide wasn’t available to us we would adjust accordingly. would we still have as many kids as we have now? yes. read the previous post . there was a post i wrote about a few months ago when our food stamps allowance was delayed due to paperwork. we suffered a little during that week. but if for whatever reason the food stamps were no longer available to us permanently then we’d still survive. we appreciate the help to our budget that it provides for our family at this time, but we don’t put our trust in them. our trust is in God. in fact we don’t want to or plan on being on government assistance for food or health care the rest of our lives. we plan on becoming “rich” someday. (we tell our girls that we already are rich since technically we are compared to 96% of the rest of the world.) and as i stated in the paragraph above we technically don’t need it right now either. but we qualify for it and accept it as a blessing for this time in our lives. i want to vote according to the way i think things “ought” to be. to vote according to what my convictions actually believe. not just on what benefits my current situation. well i guess that’s all i have to say about that. but i encourage any more comments in agreement, opposition, or just more questions. and although i’d prefer you include your name, i don’t mind anonymous comments that much. 🙂 i’d rather hear back from my readers without a name than not hear back anything at all.