not proud in numbers

the budget.png

i recently wrote on twitter about having figured out how much money we’re putting towards our debt – a whopping 45% of our net income. and then an additional 13% of our net income goes towards tithes and charity work. so essentially we’re living on only 42% of our net income.

a couple days later i got this message via twitter from our friend sarah johnson:

shocked that @abelara hasn’t replied to @lauraanna’s twitters. abe, your slipping. 😉

so what exactly did @lauraanna say?:

@abelara That’s great you’ll be debt free!

@abelara Although I don’t think it’s right to be proud of living on less when you don’t pay your own housing, food, medical expenses.

@abelara just a thought …

so then i replied to @sarahsdandelion:

@sarahsdandelion they musta slipped past me. i hadn’t seen/read them until you mentioned it. thanks for the heads up. 🙂

so now that i’ve given you a recap for those who don’t currently use twitter, (go ahead and sign up, i know you wanna.) or for those of you who use twitter but don’t follow either @sarahsdandelion or @lauraanna i’ll now commence with my reply to the thought about my pride and income.

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