on the verge of something great

we’ll we’re just about to head out on our trip to Akansas, so i thought this would be the prefect time to update my blog and web hosting. actually the real reason i did it was so that i could get with a webhost that offered unlimited space and bandwidth. last week deb and i …

technical difficulties

so enough is enough. i’m fed up with why the search/tags feature of my blog isn’t working. so i’m taking some drastic measures this weekend. i’ll be exporting my blog, deleting it, and then reinstalling wordpress on my hosting. so if you’re unable to get to this site this weekend, i give my apologies up …

the 120 club

i hereby propose the inception of the “120-club”. what is it? i’m glad you asked. 🙂

to become a member of the 120-club your sole requirement is to write a minimum of 120 posts to your blog a year. that’s it. this works out to 10 posts a month, which i don’t think is unattainable or unrealistic. for some of you reading this that add to your blog on a daily basis, 10 posts a month seems kinda low. for the rest of us who would like to write more often but have really been slacking off since we joined twitter (or some other excuse like having more kids, etc) then 10 posts a month will be an effort. but it’s an effort i think we’ll feel good about doing when the year’s over.

there’s no requirement on how long the posts need to be, or if they include or exclude video or photographic posts. simply that you add content to your blog on a consistent basis.

it’s not a contest of who can write the most. it doesn’t matter if you write 10 per month to get to 120, or if you just wait till next december and cram all 120 posts during your Christmas vacation. as long as you achieve 120 by the end of the year, you’re in the 120-club. of course you can write more if you’d like, but you can start your own “club” for any number higher than 120.

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blog traffic

i recently got an email from a friend asking about how to increase traffic to his blog, my response to him is what follows:

How do I get my blog more action i.e. visits?

simple answer: let people know you have one and keep them coming back by having content they want to read about.

what that means is include your blog site address in your email signature as seen below. when you write a new blog post, let people who follow you on twitter or facebook know about it. (and so you may also want to get more people to follow you on twitter and/or facebook, including people you don’t know but seem to have similar interests.

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This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship

so if you follow me on Twitter then you already know Deb and I’s big news… we got our iPhones today!!! so how did these turn of events happen? we were already planning on getting them this tuesday, but circumstances changed when (through my constant talking about it) our pastor decided it was time for …

one week

it’s amazing the difference a week can make. i’ve been at my new job at efcom for a little over a week now.

so what’s so different. for one, i actually like going to work now. and if some one asked i’d even say i love my job now. for those who don’t know, efcom is an Apple Reseller and Service company in yakima. and if you’ve known me very long you know that i like computers. but not just any computers, Apple computers. so to get to come to work and help others with their computer issues or helping them make up their mind about which mac to buy is just awesome. i’ve been doing that for years already and now i get paid to do it.

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twittertools overload

so you may have noticed that i’ve started updating my blog with a daily digest of my tweets. there’s lots of life that takes place in between when i have time to write a blog post.

but, since i’m not as faithful as other bloggers to write something everyday or multiple times a day, it started to seem like my tweets were overtaking my blog.

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