One of those “better late than never” kinda posts

We enjoyed our first Christmas morning in Arkansas. The afternoon, evening, and 4 days that followed without power are and adventure we’ll never forget. Here’s our annual orchestrated chaos of unwrapping the presents video. A special thanks to the Hopkins who sent extra funds specifically to buy the kids some gifts, and to the Reapers […]

tick tock

do you remember those kids from high school or college that started their class reading the day the teacher assigned it? or began their class project early in the semester and had it completed and turned in the week before it was due? or the kid that consistently reviewed their class notes a couple times […]

preemptive learning

sometimes it’s the simple unexpected words or phrases that really cause our minds to think, ponder, simmer. earlier this summer, Deborah mentioned one such story about  someone who was worrying. And rephrasing Jesus’ words on how needless it is to worry, “do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself” (Matt […]

this kid

it takes a while for her to warm up to you… …but once she does, it isn’t long till she’s taken over your heart. Happy Birthday to our precious Rachel! yeah, 6!!! (meant to post this yesterday from my phone, but it kept giving me errors. and then we got caught up in the day’s […]