Sweet 16

Sixteen years ago, the journies God had us on intertwined, and we began the adventure of a lifetime.  Little did we know back then: what our lives would look like now… (serving as missionaries with FamilyLife, 2,000+ miles away from most of our family) where we’ve been… (Renton, New Zealand, Yakima, Port Orchard, Prosser, Grandview, Little […]

a safe place

Today (Sat, 5/18), we’re sitting in another all day training for foster care. It’s gut wrenching at times to hear the stories/circumstances that causes some kids to enter the foster care system. Like a child who had bruises on her body, a fractured skull and broken leg. These injuries happened at different times, yet she’d […]

Psalm 37

The life of a missionary is an adventure of faith. We can honestly say that our faith has been challenged, stretched, and strengthened during this season of our lives.  Psalms 37 contains two of our favorite verses when it comes to balancing our trust in God for our daily provision, yet also realizing that God […]