a safe place

Today (Sat, 5/18), we’re sitting in another all day training for foster care.

It’s gut wrenching at times to hear the stories/circumstances that causes some kids to enter the foster care system.

Like a child who had bruises on her body, a fractured skull and broken leg. These injuries happened at different times, yet she’d only been to the hospital once for them.

Oh…and by the way, she was only 5 months old! she was so traumatized when she first entered the system that she wouldn’t cry when she was hungry, because she had learned that crying didn’t get you anything anyways.

Please pray for us as we open our hearts and home to these kids. We know there will be difficult situations to navigate. But our hope and desire is to provide a safe and loving place for these children to grow and heal for as long as they’re with us.

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