outwitted by these two shorties

It’s taken 6 kids, and a 13+ years of saying good bye to my kids for me to be outwitted. And finally, these twins have done it!

 outwitted by these two shorties
outwitted by these two shorties

As all the girls were growing up when I was either leaving or saying goodnight I’d say “I love you”. They’d always respond, “I love you too”. To which I’d reply, “I love you more!”

This would always begin a chain of “I love you mores” back and forth. I would never, never, never let them get the last I love you in.  Even if I had to wait until they had fallen completely to sleep and then say it! I wanted them to know that no matter what their dad always loved them more.

Today, Naomi didn’t respond “I love you more”. Not even once. Instead she said, “I love Jesus more than you!” And then she ran off giggling because she new I couldn’t say I love her more than Jesus. Nor could I tell her to NOT love Jesus more than me.

I was shocked. speechless.

After a couple seconds of quick thinking I replied, “Oh cool, that’s so awesome.”

Seeing hearing this interchange, Sarah quickly also chimed in the same way.

I had been outwitted.

Well played little Lara ladies. well played.

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