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do you remember those kids from high school or college that started their class reading the day the teacher assigned it? or began their class project early in the semester and had it completed and turned in the week before it was due? or the kid that consistently reviewed their class notes a couple times a week and thus didn’t feel the need to “cram” the last 24-48 hrs?

ya, i knew them. and no, i definitely wasn’t one of them.

i was the other kid. rarely did any reading for the class out of laziness or through methodically calculating that i could still pull a B out of the class if i didn’t do any reading at all! the kid who remembered there was a class project due when that other kid turned hers in a week early. the kid that thought 24-48hrs was WAAAY too early to start studying for the quiz/test/final. (just give me a good solid 30 min.)

maybe it’s the adrenaline rush that comes from making the deadline, but my mind would thrive off of them. (when they’re close)

I often thought a 4 day work week wouldn’t be such a bad idea. The basic idea being whatever work you can do in 5 days, you can cram into 4 if you know you only have 4 days to do it. We often fill our days with “things to do”, but we aren’t always filling them with the best or right things to do.

so especially for those important but not so urgent things in my life, i set artificial deadlines. Like this blog post. i only had 20 min before my next meeting. so whatever can be thought of, laid out, written, and formatted in that time is what gets published. 

i’m 5 min late now to my next meeting. so i gotta go.

Which kid were you growing up? or now? What areas of your life could you add artificial deadlines to improve your productivity?

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