fall nemesis

Do you remember in the first grade when you were asked, “what’s your favorite season of the year?” For many people Fall is the right answer.

The beautiful colors of the trees, getting to wear your favorite sweaters again, pumpkin spice lattes, Thanksgiving! And except for the pumpkin anything treats, I enjoy Fall as much as the next guy. Except for these…


These two trees provide awesome shade most of the year, but when the temperature starts to fall the leaves do too, and they become my nemesis.

The cold and wind conspire with the trees to litter my yard with a thick blanket of leaves.

Of course my kids love piling them high and having me through them into the center. But eventually the fun must come to an end and suburbia American culture dictates that I must pack up these easily biodegradable creations of God into several, several, several plastic non-biodegradable bags that will survive for thousands of years beyond when I’ll ever be remembered.

Lord willing, this will be the last Fall season we spend here. So although I will say “good riddance” to these two frenimies. I’m told they have a plethora of associates waiting to taunt me when we get to Little Rock.

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