iPhone 4S details (updated)

Today Apple announced their next generation iPhone to debut on Oct. 14th.


For the last few generations of iPhones, Deb and I have been able to sell our current iPhones on craigslist to completely cover the cost of upgrading to a new one. (people are willing to pay more for our old phones, rather than get a new one since they wouldn’t have to sign up for a new 2yr contract)





Anyhow, I had some questions about getting the new iPhone and whether we should stand in line, or order it online. If we could get it at the AT&T stores, or if we’d have to travel to one of the Apple Stores.


Here’s the transcript of the “chat” I had with an official “Apple Expert” about my questions.


So, are you planning on upgrading? purchasing your first iPhone? will you do it on day one? or wait a while?


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  • You are chatting with Josh , an Apple Expert
  • Hi, my name is Josh . Welcome to Apple!
  • Hey there! How are you today?
  • doing well
  • Good to hear! 
  • just wanted to clarify the phrasing on the iPhone 4s buy online page: will the phone be DELIVERED on the 14th if pre-ordered, or ship out on the 14th?
  • It will ship out on the 14th.
  • will it be overnighted? and arrive on saturday? or sometime the following week?
  • You can expect 5 days for delivery. 
  • ok, thanks.
  • You’re very welcome! 
  • do you know will AT&T stores also have them available on the 14th? or sometime after that?
  • They should also have them on the 14th.
  • ok. because for the release of the iPhone 4 last year they didn’t have them for sale till the following tuesday.
  • i ask because my closest Apple Store is 3hrs away in any direction. but an ATT store is much closer
  • Ah, gotcha.
  • also can i stand in line and get 2 phones? one for me and one for my wife? or does she also have to be present to purchase?
  • Any sort of quantitiy limits have not been announced. 
  • ok. thanks. for your help
  • My pleasure! 
  • that’s all. bye.
  • Take care! 


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

UPDATE: later in the week Apple updated their site to say “delivered on Oct. 14th” instead of just ‘for delivery on Oct. 14th”. i then called Apple’s Customer Service and they confirmed that if pre-ordered on the 7th, the phone would arrive to customers on Oct. 14th. yesterday morning, we pre-ordered our 2 black (AT&T) 32gb iPhone 4S’s. the “sell the old, upgrade to the new” tradition continues!

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