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Although I don’t remember who recommended it to us, or how it ended up on our Netflix Instant Watch queue, last night we enjoyed this delightful film.


In brief, it’s a story of a mother separated from her son and their story to try to reunite. You may not know that it’s actually played out a lot. A parent and child are separated across country borders. Personally I’ve known guys who are here in the US, but who have a family in Mexico. It’s a very heart-warming story.


So if you understand Spanish, or don’t mind reading the subtitles check it out via Netflix, or your local video store. (do those still exist???) 

Have you seen this movie? Know anyone with a similar story? Have another movie suggestion for us?


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  1. My wife and I have seen this movie. Actually, I'm not too fond of drama movie or film that is filled with tears, but my wife really liked this movie. My wife could cry when I saw this movie. According to my wife, the story of this movie is very heart-warming.

    By: Kerry McConnell

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