Urgent Prayer for Deborah (updated)

I received a call from Deborah as I was leaving work saying that she was headed to the hospital because of constant chest pain most of the day. In her words between a 6-8 on a 1-10 scale. So I’ll be meeting her there to get things checked out.

thank you for your prayers and support. I’ll be posting updates to my twitter account (link below) as we find out further details. (fyi: you don’t need to have a twitter account to view the updates, simply click the link below)


I’ll write a follow up email/post in a couple days once things have sorted out.

thanks for your support and your prayers.


thanks for your prayers everyone,

the joint connecting her sternum to her ribs was inflamed. they gave her some pain medication.  although they’re not sure what caused it, but they said it should go away in a few days, if she can rest and do her best to “take it easy” with 6 kids; and take pain meds if needed.

once again, thanks for your notes of encouragement, support, and prayers.

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