talk it out

this morning, for various reasons, deb and i got off on the wrong page together. the first two sentences we exchanged turned into a misunderstanding.

as a guy, everything within me wanted to clam up, try to forget about it, and hope for the best later in the day.
but the fact is: it doesn’t EVER just go away. over the last 10+ years of marriage i can attest to that fact.

fight the urge to put it off, ignore it, or forget about it. if you absolutely can’t talk it out right now, then at least agree on a time to get back together to talk it out.

yes, it’s hard. yes, there may be more confusion as you’re trying to talk it out. and no, you won’t always resolve the issue with one session of talking.

but your spouse deserves to know that you care enough about them to talk it out. and that’s the real issue. you’re working on your relationship, not necessarily on the issue.

talk it out.

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