in search of Solomon

the Bible says that Solomon was the wisest man who ever lived. and that he astounded people with the decisions he made with his great wisdom (see 1 Kings 3 for full details).

but i’d have to think that even Solomon would be stumped as to how to advise the couple in the story below.  i found this story when reading through the FML app on my iPhone. (if you don’t know what FML means, google it)

Today, I found out why my husband had wanted to wait until marriage to get it on. Last night was the first night of our honeymoon, and he informed me that he wasn’t always Ben, but used to be Brenda. His ‘penis’ doesn’t work and he had wanted to know I “truly loved him” before he had let me know. FML 

i’m stumped as to how i would counsel this couple if they came to me. as much as deb and i believe in reconciling marriages and that divorce sucks, i have to wonder would this be an exception? maybe an annulment? 

what would you say?

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