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it seems that anytime we go out in public with all our kids someone will inevitably ask us when we’re gonna get our own tv show.  we don’t mind, we actually like the attention a little.  and it’s fun to be able to show people that you can have a family larger than 2.2 kids and not be at each others throats or pulling our hair out.  so with that in mind we’ve decided to give the site a little more attention.

if you saw deb’s devotional video yesterday you heard her mention during the end that we were giving this site a little more attention and we would both be contributing more often.  we’ve even set up a schedule and themes for us to post on.

so here it is:
Mon:: devos with deb (devotional insights from a mom/wife/princess)
Tues:: married life (thoughts on marriage from a guy/dad/husband/pastor)
Wed:: parenting life (hints/tips/encouragement on parenting from a mom of SIX kids)
Thur:: FamilyLife Update (all the news/updates on our progress to moving to Little Rock by abe)
Fri:: house to home (recipes, family fun activities, cleaning/organizing tips by deb)
Sat:: pic/video of the week (a look into the lives of the laras chosen by abe)
Sun:: podcast (every 1st & 3rd sunday we’ll have a new episode posted)

if you have any questions or comments or specific topics you’d like us to discuss, send us an email:

we hope this site will encourage you (and sometimes challenge you) to become a better family, have a stronger marriage, and get to know us a little better (even though we don’t have our own tv show).

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