english muffins and love

i would probably describe myself as a competitive person. and if you know deb, she’s also competitive. sometimes this is a fun playful thing between us, and other times it’s not always a good thing.  but there is one aspect that i hope we can keep things competitive.

have you ever read your Bible with married eyes? that is, you are soaking in what the scriptures are saying to you concerning your spouse and/or your relationship to them?

in the English Standard Version of Romans 12 the section from verses 9-21 are categorized as “Marks of a True Christian”. but now re-read that through married eyes, focusing in on the second part of verse 10. 

“Outdo one another in showing honor.”

the other day i woke up early to go to the store before work to get milk and bread since we were out and because with 6 kids in the house it’s essential to have them.  it was towards the end of the month, so we were kinda low on funds, but as i was getting ready deb muttered something about getting her english muffins as well.  but then she also added that they weren’t as essential and we could get them next month.

later in the day she thanked me and asked, “why did you get english muffins? i don’t even remember asking you for them.” i mentioned how in her half sleepy state she had asked, but then said they were not needed. but BAM … i had found an opportunity to make her day.

it won’t always cost you $3 to make your spouse happy. sometimes there are free ways, other times it will cost more. at times A LOT more.  but can you afford not to?can you just let your marriage drift?

how are you doing, are you looking for opportunities to show your spouse honor? to make their day? to give them more reasons to love you?

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