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some are probably saying “it’s about time”, but i’ve finally put an official online giving link on our blog for your convenience to partner with us in our journey to staff with FamilyLife.

we’ve been so blessed the past few weeks as we’ve shared with people what God is doing in our lives, in the ministry of FamilyLife and how he’s brought us together. we’ve seen people become excited to partner with us and the ministry of FamilyLife.

well, it’s crunch time people. we’ve only got 15 days left till we leave for Orlando. back in June we were encouraged/challenged to raise $6000 to cover the expenses of New Staff Training and the Follow-up Training. so far we’ve received a little over 50% of that in pledges towards that $6000 goal.  yet we’ve only been given in hand a little over 30% of it.

so, for those of you who needed a reminder to fulfill your pledge or perhaps you were waiting for a more convenient way to give (because honestly, who in the world still uses checks?), here it is.

on the right you’ll see an Online Giving button/link that will take you directly to the giving page on Campus Crusade for Christ’s website where you can give towards our ministry.  it’s a simple process.

  1. first, you’ll be asked for an amount and frequency (special needs gift or ongoing monthly or quarterly gift). you can also add a note for us in this step.
  2. then, you’ll be asked to give as a guest or log in with your account (if you’ve given to Campus Crusade before-not necessary though).
  3. third, you’ll be asked for your contact info.
  4. finally, it will ask for your method of payment – bank withdrawal or debit/credit card.

by default it asks for a bank withdrawal using your bank account # and routing #. this is the default method since there aren’t any fees associated with it charged to our account. if you use a debit/credit card our account (not yours) is charged the 2-3% processing fee that Visa/Mastercard/Discover/etc. charges to Campus Crusade.  in other words if you choose to give $100 using a debit/credit card, we’ll actually only receive $97 or $98 because of the fees (you’ll still receive a receipt for a donation of $100 though).

we could care less by which method you choose, we are so grateful to every person who is able to partner with us; be it with $100, $1000, or $1.  we’re simply glad that you’ve obeyed God in what he’s asked you to do, and trust that He’ll take care of our every need.  but for some, you may feel it’s worth the extra effort to pull out the seldom used checkbook to find your account and routing #s in order to make sure that every penny of your donation gets credited to our account.

once again, a huge THANK YOU to all of you who have already given, or are planning to give. we’ve got 15 days left till we leave for our first training and we’ll have much more information and vision to pass along in the coming weeks and months as we enjoy (and labor through) this next season of our lives.

so click on the link to the right or the button below.

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  1. If you choose the monthly box – do you know if it will allow you to choose the date that the amount will be drafted from your account? Or will it just be monthly from the date that you did the first one? This is totally awesome – like Klove calls it “easyPAY”.

  2. i think it gives you an option of a couple different dates in the month, i think they correspond with when Campus Crusade does their online giving paperwork (computer work).

    you can choose which month though to start the giving. so say you want to give a single gift now, but then start monthly giving in Oct you can do that.

    you’d process your single gift donation, and then go through the process again to set up the monthly giving, and mark it to start in Oct.

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