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i have been quietly amused the last couple days as the first day of school approaches and parents are filling the stores to get the list.

i’m amused for a couple reasons. the first is because there’s like a bazillion things on the list that i never needed when i was in grade school.

secondly, because the kids read the lists and get all in a tizzy if the parents can’t get something on the list. as if they really needed a box of wipes, 4 DOZEN pencils, box of goldfish crackers, 6 – 1 inch 3 ring binders, and a big box of Kleenex for their education on the FIRST day of school.

sometimes the store has run out of an item (like big erasers, in our case), because there’s a bazillion other parents all getting the same items on the list. or perhaps because the parents simply can’t afford to get everything. including backpacks our family spent over $150 on school supplies this year. and that was for only 3 girls. i can only imagine how much we’ll spend once all 6 are in school. or sometimes it’s because the parents protest to buying everything on the list because they don’t think it’s needed for their child on the FIRST day.

and that leads me to my third reason for amusement. because the fact is those parents have good reason to protest. most schools are facing budget deficits and they put these things on “the list” and then put them all into one “pool” for the class to use.

so what amuses me about this is that our church is currently collecting school supplies to hand out to needy families. and so parents (and yes, i’ve heard more than one) who are complaining about having to buy all these items on “the list” for other people’s kids – because their parents aren’t responsible enough to get them – are at the same time feeling good about themselves for buying some school supplies for “other people’s kids”.

it’s kinda funny. 🙂

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