bowling terms

how many of you know what 3 strikes in a row is called when you go bowling? how about 4? 5? without googling it.

well last saturday i found out. we went bowling with deb’s sister for her birthday and she got a Turkey – 3 strikes in a row.

well…deb and i also got a Turkey, we also achieved a Hambone (4 in a row), but we didn’t get the Yahtzee (5 in a row).  and we’re not talking about bowling any more.

it kinda threw us out of sorts, and we weren’t “on the same page” emotionally/mentally like we should be last night and this morning. after i left for work, here’s the text messages we exchanged this morning.

btw: that’s 3,4, and 5 nights in a row not times per night.

on our next episode of podcast we’ll be tackling the topic of sex in marriage.  we’re looking forward to it.  

maybe we’ll record it tonight and have it up tomorrow sometime. (well at least by the end of the week.)

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PS. yes, i asked deb’s permission to post the messages/pic above

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  1. oh my word! I had no idea you were going to go into so much detail- how embarassing! fyi this upcoming podcast will cover the importance of sex in marriage and stuff like that. there will be NOTHING too graphic (right abe?) luv ya later!

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