get rid of the chair?

i got this email from deb yesterday afternoon, my response is below:

at what point do we dispose of the chair? Rachel thoroughly peed on it just now. grrr

my response:

we could go really “mess-ican”* and just put thick plastic all over our furniture like this!

fyi: one of my relatives had plastic on their couches like this.

btw: we decided to keep the chair cuz it’s a really nice chair that we got at a yard sale for only $5.  deb was going to go get some kinda “kids & pets” stain/order remover from walmart today.  when we move to arkansas, we’ll probably have it re-upholstered.

– – – – – – – – – –

*”mess-ican” is our word for people like us (or who have kids like ours) who are so quick to make a mess-again of things that we just cleaned up.  it is in no way meaning to be derogatory towards mexicans. (remember, i am one)

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