weddings ROCK

in our recent podcast (itunes link) we stated that divorce sucks, on the other end of the spectrum; weddings ROCK! i came across the video below via @youcanknowgod on twitter (great twitter name btw).

i love the fact that this couple took the time to be so fun, creative and original to begin their wedding. but more importantly to begin their marriage. my prayer for them is that they would continue to put that much time, effort, creativity and fun in their marriage in the days, months, and years to come. in fact this video even made me cry because i was so overwhelmed with joy for them.

often times couple put so much effort into their wedding day and later neglect investing in to their marriage that they started on that day.

if you’re a married couple i encourage you to attend a Weekend To Remember conference. these are marriage conferences put on by FamilyLife all around the country. you don’t have to have “troubled” marriage to need (or want) to go to a marriage conferences, there are many couples who have great marriages that attend. (hmmm, or is it that they have great marriages because they’ve taken the time to attend??) consider it a tune-up for your marriage.

deb and i have been to 3 of these conferences during our 10 years of marriage and i can attest that it was time and money well spent. since we’re now working to join the staff of FamilyLife we’d love to connect people even more to the ministry we will be a part of. in fact, if you’re interested in attending a Weekend To Remember conference in your area we’d love to give you information on how to register at a discounted rate. send us an email at with your name and # and we’d love to share the details.

but now back to weddings…weddings are awesome because scripture states that it’s a reflection of the Oneness that Christ has with his Church. they allow us to see the fulfillment of a story, a story of love. and we are privileged to celebrate with our friends and family over the joyous progression of life. but there’s one more thing…

i would encourage you, whether you’re happily married, married and just surviving, or on the brink of divorce, to go to as many weddings as you can with your spouse. because weddings remind us that it was once us standing up there. we were once staring into each other’s eyes promising those words, “for better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health”. we once chose to love someone and nothing and no one would have been able to convince us that we weren’t going to make it; our minds were set. and it’s in those moments that sometimes those feelings are rekindled. that unshakable decision to love regardless of the circumstances is reborn. and maybe, just maybe, you look over at your spouse and realize you’ve already invested too much time, and too much effort, and influenced too many people to let it all crumble now.

without further ado here’s the video, enjoy! *

(Youtube link)*

* not everyone will endorse all aspects of the video (or related videos linked on youtube’s site). and that’s okay, just enjoy the celebration of it all and don’t sweat the details. 🙂

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