Little Rock pt. 1

faithful readers/followers will know that over the course of the last year Deborah and I have been on a journey seeking God’s will about the possibility of joining the staff of FamilyLife in Little Rock, AR. if you’re a new reader (or listener of the podcast), you can read about the ministry of FamilyLife and how we would become involved in this previous post.

what started as checking a box on a postcard at a conference indicating that we had “interest” in learning more about the staff opportunities with FamilyLife has brought us to this past weekend where we actually visited the campus.

i’ll get to the “nitty gritty.” long story short; we can’t tell you yet. let me explain.

all of the applicants at the Ministry Preview were given a decision from FamilyLife about whether or not they were accepted to join on as staff.

[btw: there were 9 couples and 2 single ladies that were a part of our ministry preview; including us.]

the decisions given ranged from: yes, no, or wait. if a couple/individual was given a yes, then FamilyLife asked them to go back home and pray about the decision and then they would follow up with them on thursday to find out if the couple/individual would receive the invitation. if given a no; they were told why they didn’t feel that FamilyLife was a good fit for that couple/individual. and if given a wait; they were also given a reason why and a timeline of how long they should wait and areas of growth that would need to happen before continuing the process again.

all of the applicants found out on satuday afternoon where they stood in terms of FamilyLife’s decision. saturday morning we had a time of sharing about what God had shown/taught us through the weekend. we were given some time to say goodbye to the various applicants and staff that we had connected with over the weekend. and then we were then called on one at a time by the various evaluators to be given our decisions. after that we were taken away off campus by host families that we’d be staying the night with and going to church with.

so after the morning time of sharing/good-byes we didn’t have a chance to talk to the other applicants about what decision was given to us. in fact we were asked not to email/call or otherwise contact each other and talk about our decisions until after July 1st. this is to allow every couple/individual to process the decision they were given and also not allow the decision/thoughts/feelings of another person/couple to influence their decision.

for some people this process (and in particular this weekend) was a very stretching experience. we were challenged in our faith, we were stretched in our emotions, and we were spent physically (long travel, late nights). if given a “yes” answer, some people were confident that God was also leading them to join FamilyLife. still others had to think, pray, and wrestle through the decision.

and the same goes for a “wait” or “no” answer. some were feeling the same leading from the Lord from their end of things. and others had to wrestle over that decision given to them.

and so for this reason i won’t post anything publicly here on this blog (either text or audio podcast) on FamilyLife’s decision until after july 1st. locally, you’re welcome to come by and we’ll share with you what God has brought us through on this application journey. for those of you who aren’t local and would like to know before the 1st, give us a call and we can spend some time talking about it.

i do plan to write more about our time in Little Rock this past week, and some of the thoughts/emotions that we experienced. and i’ll do that even before july 1st. you can hear a taste of what we were feeling when we were actually in the middle of our weekend preview process on the podcast that deb and i recorded. (for those of you who lovingly labored through our 1st podcast – this one’s MUCH better!)

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