on the verge of something great

we’ll we’re just about to head out on our trip to Akansas, so i thought this would be the prefect time to update my blog and web hosting.

actually the real reason i did it was so that i could get with a webhost that offered unlimited space and bandwidth. last week deb and i recorded our pilot podcast. so i wanted a place that would host it all.

i’ll still have to figure out how to upload the podcast and make it itunes and rss compatible, but watch the site for updates. hopefully i can get it all worked out today and be able to post updates and a new podcast episode while on our trip.

we’ll be covering life, faith, marriage, parenting, our journey with FamilyLife Today.

we’re heading out on our trip tomorrow morning at 4am. a huge thanks to grandma rebecca for taking ALL 6 kids for us this week. plus she’s taking them and cousin cathy camping for the first part of it! send lots of prayer her way. here they are just about to pull out of the driveway.


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