fasting and cravings

if you fast twitter or facebook and you get cravings to get online and just check is it called an “appetite being starved” or an “addiction going through withdrawals”?

a couple weeks ago i fasted Twitter/Facebook for a week and i was surprised to find out that the mental/emotional feelings were the same for me compared to times that i had fasted food.

there’s many people who may have tried to fast for a day. and many of them have given up half way through the day or a couple hours before the 24hrs are over. and because they don’t feel successful at this attempt at fasting, they give up on the idea of fasting altogether. (just in case any of you start thinking that i’m boasting that i’m all “holier-than-thou”; i’ve been one of those “give-up-before-the-day’s-over” people many times; even though i know what i’m about to tell you.)

there’s an initial hump/wall/barrier that needs to be overcome when starting a fast. for food it’s usually the first 2 days. you’re really hungry, everything smells good, and it’s on your mind constantly. but then around the middle of the 3rd day you don’t feel hungry any more. no, seriously, you’re not.

in the days afterwards the “thing” you’re fasting will come to mind, but you don’t really miss it any more. you’re body/mind/spirit has become accustomed to the new routine.

but then the hunger comes back in full force towards the end of your time of fasting. i’ve never done a 40 day fast, but i hear after around 30-35 days is when you’re body objects and says, “ok, seriously dude, feed me!” but even if you’re predetermined that you’re fast is a 7 days, or 15, or 20 days; you’ll feel the temptation to give in to the thing you’re fasting when you’re close to the finish line.

i knew this about food, and was surprised to feel the same things about my twitter/facebook fast. the morning i started i had so many “really great tweets” cross my mind while i was in the shower. but soon after, i didn’t even think about it much any more.

so did you fast anything for Lent this year? does your experiences mirror what i described here?

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  1. i didn’t do anything this year, but one year I gave up meat from lent. Yea, I missed it the whole time. I definitely could never be a vegetarian.

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