36hr video contest – required elements

first of all i apologize for not being able to get this up and running on the church website, but hopefully this doesn’t throw your plans off too much. anyways here’s the info that i had planned to post on the church website.

for all the trouble i was having, and possibly the problem you’ve had trying to find this info, not only am i posting it a half hour earlier, but i’m also extending the deadline for turning in the video to 7:30am on Sunday morning. 🙂 (see aren’t i a nice guy).

have a great movie making experience!!

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the following elements must be shown/represented in your movie in some way. they don’t necessarily have to be prominent, but they should be easily recognized by someone who’s looking for them.

in other words, for someone who doesn’t know about the required elements they shouldn’t think, “why in the world did they put that in their movie? that makes no sense. it seems out of place.”

but at the same time someone who is watching the movie should easily spot it and think it’s a natural part of the scene. some of these elements may be in the foreground or background of your video.

so without further adieu here are the 5 elements:

• the number: 633

• a pineapple

• a cowboy hat

• the phrases below must be spoken:

“are you talking to me?” AND “i sure wish i had a …”

• a shot of sunrise or a sunset

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below you’ll find the rest of the details about the contest already given in the handout, or downloadable from the homepage before. they are here as a reference and reminder of what else is expected. there is one MAJOR adjustment to the details. you can now also give me the video in a Quicktime format on disc, flash drive usb stick, or simply upload the video to YouTube and send me the link.

if you have any other questions about the contest or what is meant by any of the required elements or details feel free to contact Pastor Abraham via any of the methods listed below:

email: abelara@gmail.com

twitter: @abelara

facebook: Abraham Lara

phone: 509-303-0032

address: 503 Concord Ave. Grandview, WA 98930

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details //

When: March 27th-29th

required elements released at 7pm on Friday, March 27th. final edited video due to Pastor Abraham by 7am on Sunday, March 29th. (note video must be exported already in a format playable on Quicktime OR upload video to YouTube and send me the link in time. – see pastor abe if you need help with this).

Who: Anyone

your team can be your family, your friends, your lifegroup or even total strangers. they can be babies, kids, teens, adults or even pets. (at least one member of the team must be a part of Grandview Assembly of God)

Where: The World is your Stage

you only have 36 hours so you can’t go far, but be creative. you may use small portions of video clips from other sources, but most of the footage must be original to you and your team.

How: Mac or PC or ???

it doesn’t matter what type of camera or video editing tools you use. videos will be judged on 1) originality & creativity, 2) understandable story line, 3) editing, and 4) whether they meet the requirements below.

What: the Nitty Gritty

• video must convey one of the purposes of the church (Honor God in Everything, Reach Out to those w/o Christ , Mentor & Inspire Each Other, Equip Believers for Service, Connect & Live Life Together)

• minimum of 2 min, maximum of 7 min (including opening & ending credits)

• one team member from GVAG

• turned in by 7 AM on 3/29/09

• playable on Quicktime OR upload video to YouTube and send me the link in time.

• include all required elements in a believable way

• based on your favorite TV Show (if that TV Show made an episode based on a purpose of the church, what would it look like?)

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some video editing tips:



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