there’s a little thing called twitter, have you heard of it? and on twitter there’s a way to get an ongoing trend from one person or multiple people at the same time/event/place. it’s called a hashtag.

a hashtag is a word, phrase, or just letters preceded by the number sign. such as: #olympics, #superbowl, #election, #christmaslist, etc.

anyone can create these hashtags either for personal use or for use by anyone that knows about it. the other day i started one such hashtag for the days leading up to Valentine’s day (but i plan on continuing it past v-day).


you can search any hashtag, or anything else, you wish by going to http://search.twitter.com and then entering the word, phrase, or hashtag. so far i’m the only one that’s using this hashtag, although if you feel like starting to use it directed at the person you love, you’re more than welcome to.

here’s the search results page for #whyiloveyou (they’re in reverse chronological order):

Realtime results for #whyiloveyou

for added fun, deb also started a hashtag called #whyiloveyou2.

i love you @deblara. my hope is that over the years i’ll be able to add hundreds if not thousands more reasons #whyiloveyou to the list i started above.

Happy Valentine’s Day, babe!!

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