um, it’s about time!

i downloaded the trial version of iWork ’09 and started playing around with it today. and at the same time i had two emotions when i found what’s shown in the screen shot below.

1) um, it’s about fricken TIME!!


2) wow, that just made my day. -insert grin-

about time.png

in case you can’t tell (click pic to enlarge), or haven’t used iWork in previous versions. the new version now shows a preview of the font in the drop down menu. whereas before it would only show the name of the font but, unless you’re a typographer, you had no idea what that font looked like.

yes, i know Microsoft Office has done this for years (both on the PC and Mac versions) and yes i know that it used to do this in Apple’s own AppleWorks software. thus the reason for my “ABOUT TIME!” rant.

thanks Apple. (FINALLY!!)

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