i just finished my january menu

if you’re wondering how this came together, this is what i did:

i got a new cookbook for christmas- full of recipes for busy women; it has lots of slow-cooker recipes & 5-ingredient dishes; i went through it & marked all the recipes that sounded do-able; next i made every day of the week a category: mon- mexican; tues-tony roma’s (kid’s eat free on tues) or pizza; wed-casseroles; thurs- slowcooked; fri- meat’n’taters; sat-leftovers (or whatever sounded fun to make) ; sun- soup/sandwiches; last i went back through the cookbook and stuck the recipes in the calendar;

i’m not too strict about sticking to the menu. i mean if someone invites us over i’m not going to insist on staying home to eat leftovers. but it is nice to have a guide. you could customize with your own daily categories (like italian or asian flavors) or go online for recipe ideas.

something you may not have known about me: in high school i made monthly calendars of what i would wear each day. this wasn’t too challenging- i just switched up my t-shirts and flannels :); nonetheless i wanted to remove the hassle in the morning of wondering what to wear so i planned out a whole month in advance.

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