i filled in the little boxes on my ballot last night. (i guess i haven’t officially voted until i mail it in or drop it off at my “drop-off location”)

i should preface this blog post (and now that i think of it all of my political posts) by saying, “the views represented here are the sole views of the author, they are not the official views of Grandview Assembly of God, Efcom, or any past or future employer that Abraham may have.”

anyways, i tweeted this past weekend via TwitVote that i was voting for McCain/Palin. i was then replied to by someone who was voting for Obama/Biden for my reasons why. what i thought was interesting was the way she phrased the question.

was i voting for McCain, or against Obama?

after much heart and mind wrestling within me this election cycle. i thought i’d answer the question, which actually no matter either side you fall on is a good question to answer. are you voting for that person or against the other guy?

i would have to say i’m a mixed bag. but in the interest of being short (mostly because i’m tired of thinking about this election) i’ll just give my reasons in bullet format.

For McCain:

  • military background does give him a better understanding of what it takes to be a commander in cheif
  • tax cuts for all (see charts here)
  • wants to overturn Roe vs Wade
  • merit pay for teachers
  • would nominate Supreme Court Justices with “a history of strict adherence to the Constitution.”
  • has a senate record of working with both parties not just his own

Against Obama:

  • seems to favor the economic issues of the poor and middle class, but not the rich (aren’t we all americans? i’m not now, but i hope to be rich someday)
  • consistently has voted for expanding abortion (including the despicable partial birth abortion practice)
  • supports gay marriage and adoption
  • has charisma, but that hasn’t translated into me feeling he’s prepared for the job

– – – – – – – – – –

i think to sum it up, Obama looks like he could play the part of the president in a movie or tv show. McCain looks like he could actually be the president.

go ahead sound off in the comments, tomorrow will be fun to watch the results late into the night. whatever your political leanings, go out and vote and be just as concerned on Nov. 5th as you are on or before Nov. 4th.

lastly if you’re a Christ-follower, take some time this evening, whether at home, at your church, small-group, or elsewhere to pray for our country and the election before us.

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  1. well stated Abe; I appreciate the concise way you expressed your opinions; I strongly agree- and not just because you said it 🙂

  2. Obama is not given enough credit. No President in history has been faced with so many challenges: two wars, terrible economy, high unemployment, deregulated industries, corporate/political greed, lost of prestige around the world, and personal hate. Now most of the media have been fair with him except of course Fox News. Their bias towards him mostly by those morning show kuckleheads, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and on occasions Bill O”Reilly no matter what he does they can’t find it in them to praise him. He gets $20 billion dollars to ensure people are not left out in the cold by BP and they read it as a power grab. Had George Bush done it they would hail it as him doing what’s best for the people. Then you get to their lame reason like it is unconstituional. As if Sarah Palin did a day in law school, our President taught constituional law!! I would trust him to know his responsibilities as President better than these wanna be Perry Masons. In the end, these people who hate OUR PRESIDENT will regret the day that they didn’t embrace this man of character and fortitude. He is the right man for this job and the only one who could have handled all these challenges and keep his head.

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